As a child I read the inspiring autobiography of Annie Sullivan, the remarkable woman who illuminated Helen Keller’s world and brought her into an understanding that transcends the limits of the hearing and seeing world. 

Do you recall the dreams you held as a child? That unwavering belief that you could be an astronaut, the President, an Academy Award-winning actress, or an Olympian? Helen Keller encouraged individuals to strive for their goals, and I propose a variation on her theme: “Pray not for tasks equal to your powers, but for powers equal to your tasks, as you journey toward your distant goals.” Yet, I extend this notion further, suggesting that your goal be an integral part of each moment, each day. By aligning your heart with your dreams and actions, the daily power and intention set you on a natural course toward the life you envision—a life of empowerment, guided by your destiny.

Believe that this is entirely within your reach, starting today. Instead of dismissing the idea with an immediate “I can’t do that,” challenge yourself to ask, “How can I live my destiny?” Take the initial steps today, integrate them into your life, and witness the transformative unfoldment.

Consider what would happen if you wholly believed that no task was too large for you to accomplish. Accept this truth—no task is too grand. Adjust or refine the specifics of your dream if needed, but no specific task is insurmountable.

Imagine releasing entirely the grip of scarcity and lack. How often does fear hinder your greatness? Rather than immediately jumping to thoughts like “I can’t afford that” or “It’s beyond my means,” embrace the knowledge that you possess everything you need and more. Abundance is not just a possibility; it is your truth.

Embrace the understanding that each person you encounter is an equally magnificent creation. You are as valuable as anyone else on this planet, with a unique purpose and destiny flowing from your core. Stay grounded and focused on your daily goal—a life aligned with the callings of your existence translated into daily actions.

You can achieve this. You are worthy of it. You possess the strength, certainty, and resources. Today, here and now! In a world where conventional senses fail, Helen Keller expanded the vision of possibilities. Embrace her expansive perspective, let it resonate like a symphony in your ears. Journey towards your destiny.


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