Proven Strategies; Cherished Connections

My mission revolves around nurturing growth. It’s the core of my passion. I bring an abundance of energy, entirely dedicated to infusing positivity into every situation.

When we collaborate, you receive my undivided attention, expertise, and an arsenal of resources. Beyond just assistance, I aim to truly understand you, craft a strategy, and ignite actionable steps.

Being a bridge, I offer invaluable insights into how others achieve their goals. I also connect individuals, fostering a supportive network where friendships flourish.

Life can be messy and daunting at times, absolutely. Yet, those challenging moments often pave the way for the most transformative experiences, dear friend, because that’s when genuine change occurs.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Don’t go through this journey alone any longer.

Don’t spend another day yearning for change.

Let’s co-create your most fulfilling life together.

Official Bio

Kristi Smith, a globally recognized business and life coach, specializes in empowering entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses and individuals to craft fulfilling lives. With over 25 years of dedicated practice, Kristi’s clients have successfully established immensely rewarding businesses. Her clientele includes influential community leaders, philanthropists, and impactful employers. Her acclaimed strategies have earned her international recognition.

Kristi’s credentials encompass a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, along with certifications as a “The One Thing” Business Coach, “Oola” Life Coach, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and Heart Center Leader.

Having collaborated with over 400 clients, numerous groups, and engaged with diverse audiences through speaking engagements, Kristi’s consultations have not only assisted countless entrepreneurs in launching their ventures but crucially supported these businesses in scaling to meet growing demands.

Kristi ardently shares practical, inspiring, and life-changing insights, both in personal and professional capacities, driven by her passion for making a meaningful impact.

What They Say

I can honestly say that this has been one of my most successful investments in myself and my business. Kristi is good, very very good at what she does. Being an entrepreneur, or anyone really with ideas a little different than the norm can be a lonely existence…. Kristi teaches you to be you, authentically and purely you. I loved the way Kristi pushed me (she’s the master of tough love), the way she taught me skills that I can take into life and business and all the sticky places in between. I’m gushing, my heart is full and I’m eternally thankful!


Figure out what it is you want to do and then get a coach so you have someone on your side with the expertise, and then it’s 1 million percent possible.


I absolutely love this woman. With Kristi’s coaching, I am finally putting myself out there, showing off what I do, and taking ownership of my expertise, all with a sense of confidence I had been sorely missing. Finally I have a website and a brand for my business! Finally I am going after some clients and work I want. And most excitingly, I’m launching a new project that is very dear to me—an idea I think will make a big impact in the world in some very real ways. Kristi has been my real life super hero. I can’t recommend her highly enough.